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Gayle Carline - From the Horse's Mouth is featured in the HBS Mystery Reader's Circle today.

Author Genre: Humor Columnist, Mystery Author

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Author's Blog: On the edge of the chair of literature
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Author Description:
Gayle Carline is a typical Californian, meaning that she was born somewhere else. She moved to Orange County from Illinois in 1978, and landed in Placentia a few years later.

Her husband, Dale, bought her a laptop for Christmas in 1999 because she wanted to write. A year after that, he gave her horseback riding lessons. When she bought her first horse, she finally started writing.

Gayle soon became a regular contributor to California Riding Magazine, and in March, 2005, she began writing a humor column for her local newspaper, the Placentia News-Times. Every week, she entertains readers with stories of her life with Dale and their son, Marcus.

In her spare time, Gayle likes to sit down with friends and laugh over a glass of wine. And maybe plan a little murder and mayhem for the next novel.

From the Horse's Mouth: One Lucky Memoir

Author: Gayle Carline
Book Trailer: From the Horse's Mouth: One Lucky Memoir
Barnes and Noble

“When I was a young horse, I thought if I wasn’t always good, I could at least be use­ful. Then I broke my leg.”

When Snoopy was three years old, he won the 2007 Pacific Coast Quar­ter Horse Asso­ci­a­tion Trail Futu­rity. His trainer and his owner had his career mapped out—he would be cam­paigned around the cir­cuit and qual­ify to be invited to the AQHA World Show.

Then in 2008, Snoopy broke his left hind sesamoid, a small bone in the leg. This injury can mean any­thing from surgery to euthana­sia. Surgery didn’t guar­an­tee he could be rid­den again, much less shown.

In the tra­di­tion of Black Beauty, this is Snoopy’s own story, told from his spe­cial point of view. He tells of his youth, his train­ing, his injury, and his long fight to return to the show arena, to prove he’s the same horse he always was, only different.

“The per­fect gift-book for horse-lovers of all ages.”
—Michele Scott, best-selling author of Silent Har­mony (Into the Ring)

“It’s laugh-out-loud funny, touch­ing, and a great way to learn about life as a horse.”
Deb­bie Haas, book reviewer, Cal­i­for­nia Rid­ing Magazine

Here's Snoopy:

The Hot Mess

A Peri Minneopa Mystery

Author: Gayle Carline
Book Trailer: The Hot Mess

Barnes and Noble

No one in the small town of Placentia, California is surprised when Benny Needles’s house catches fire. The outside hasn’t seen a paint brush in years. The inside is stuffed with Dean Martin memorabilia. It would be a simple case of homeowner negligence, except for the body found inside. Under suspicion of both murder and arson, Benny turns to the one person who has always helped him, private investigator Peri Minneopa. Fire investigation isn’t on her menu of services, but Peri’s weak spot for Benny overrules her reluctance, and she agrees to look into things. Her investigation takes a dangerous turn as she uncovers family secrets, going back several decades. There are skeletons in everyone’s closet, and even Benny’s bones are rattling.
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Gayle Carline is in the HBS Mystery Book Reader's Circle.

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