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Terry Ambrose - License to Lie is featured in the Mystery Reader's Circle

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Funny Mystery, Suspense

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Author Description:
Terry Ambrose started out skip tracing and collecting money from deadbeats and quickly learned that liars come from all walks of life. He never actually stole a car, but sometimes hired big guys with tow trucks and a penchant for working in the dark when “negotiations” failed. A resident of Southern California, he loves spending time in Hawaii, especially on the Garden Island of Kauai, where he invents lies for others to read. His years of chasing deadbeats taught him many valuable life lessons including—always keep your car in the garage.

License to Lie

Author: Terry Ambrose
Book Trailer: License to Lie
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Never trust a soul—even your own. With Five Million Dollars and their lives on the line, can a determined criminologist and a beautiful con artist learn to trust each other—or themselves? Both are experts in the art of communications. Both are driven by their goals—but they’re on opposite sides of the law. When her father is kidnapped, they join forces—and learn that it’s hard to trust each other—or themselves.

With $5 million and their lives on the line, can a determined criminologist and a beautiful con artist learn to trust each other…or themselves?

“On all levels License to Lie justifiably earned this five star rating!” — San Francisco Book Review (1776 Productions)

“…fast and well written, almost sure to satisfy discerning readers of thrillers.” — T. Jefferson Parker, Author of The Jaguar and The Border Lords

“…unpredictable, and a lot of fun–no one is who they seem in this smart and twisty tale” — Hank Phillippi Ryan, Anthony, Agatha and Macavity award-winning author


I was eight years old when I discovered how badly I wanted to live—and how easy it would be to die. I’ve lived with that lesson for twenty years. Despite all the cons and scams I’ve pulled, despite all the lies I’ve told during those years, I’ve never revealed that one simple truth. I’ll probably die with my secret. Given the life I’ve chosen, maybe sooner than I’d like.

My mouse hovered over the bank balance number on my computer monitor. I wet my lips and suppressed a giggle. I exaggerated each syllable as I mouthed, “Four mil-lion eight hundred thirty-seven thousand two hundred ninety-eight dollars.”

I winked at the monitor. “And fifteen cents.”

Rustling noises from the other room drifted in. My secretary getting settled.

“One last investor.” The words came out as no more than a breath. Soft as the silk of my favorite blouse.

I nudged the number with my mouse as though I could bump the dollar amount up by sheer force of will. It didn’t matter.

I had that last investor on the hook. In about 15 minutes, he’d park himself in the chair opposite my desk. Closing the deal would be easy. A pretty smile. Chitchat like I was interested. Flirt as though I cared. I’d learned a lot in the past twenty years. Especially about how to bury pain.

Photo Finish

Author: Terry Ambrose
Book Trailer: Photo Finish

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Catch island fever with this funny Hawaiian mystery set on the beautiful island of Oahu.

Wilson McKenna's newest tenant is hot, gives great hugs, and just saw a dead body being thrown from a plane. McKenna's not one to get involved in other people's problems, especially those of a woman half his age, but before he knows it, he's volunteered to track down the plane and its owner. In no time, McKenna has uncovered an island drug ring, pissed off a sociopath, and set himself up as the victim in a beautiful woman's con that could cost him his life.

Trouble? Oh, yeah. McKenna's found it. If only trouble didn't have such great legs.

Harris Galvin gave me what the Hawaiians call “chicken skin” the moment I met her. The goosebumps this new girl in paradise brought on were seriously scary. Harris might be drop-dead gorgeous, but she had an aura about her—something as old as the islands themselves. Put the emphasis on the drop-dead part and make that aura what the locals call malu make, which is pronounced mah-loo mah-kay, and roughly translates to “shadow of death,” and you had Harris, an irresistible package that said, “big trouble coming—soon.”

My name is McKenna. I don’t usually act this way. Spooky music, getting all weird on people—that’s more wacko than me. I’m just—hell—I’m just sitting on my lanai half-drunk and muttering Hawaiian death phrases about a woman I barely know because she and my best friend are missing.

Death phrases or not, nobody was going to lock me away unless I started ranting down on Waikiki in front of the big hotels. That wasn’t likely since I had no overpowering urge to give up job managing the Honolulu Sunsetter, a sweet little apartment manager’s deal that gets me free rent and a great view. So no matter how crazy this whole Harris thing made me, I had to plug along. Fact is, I’m a work in progress. Maybe progress isn’t exactly the right word, I’d gone from hotshot bank skip tracer to grumpy landlord faster than you could say, “The rent’s due.”

Anyway, while the owners of this little moneymaker did their rich-people things, my job entailed judging Harris’s suitability as a tenant, which I’d done. Despite her little black-cloud aura, Harris seemed to have her life together. She’d passed all my usual sophisticated landlord checks like not bitching about the money and not being stoned. She even had twenty-five grand in the bank and called me “Honey.” My other research, a couple of quick database checks, had turned up nothing. So I figured, “What the hell?” When she moved in, I got two months’ rent and a deposit. And a hug that was two inches too close and lasted three seconds too long to be considered just friendly.
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