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Mystery Picks of the Day - August 30, 2013

Today the HBS Mystery Reader’s Circle features our Mystery Novels Picks of the Day. These are some of the BEST DEALS from outstanding Mystery Authors for the Kindle at Amazon.

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One Day In Budapest

Author: J.F.Penn

Price: $ 2.99

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An echo of nationalist violence not seen since the dark days of the Second World War. Budapest, Hungary. When a priest is murdered at the Basilica of St Stephen and the Holy Right relic is stolen, the ultra-nationalist Eröszak party calls for retribution and anti-Semitic violence erupts in the city. Dr Morgan Sierra, psychologist and ARKANE agent, finds herself trapped inside the synagogue with Zoltan Fischer, a Hungarian Jewish security advisor. As the terrorism escalates, Morgan and Zoltan must race against time to find the Holy Right and expose the conspiracy, before blood is spilled again on the streets of Budapest. One Day In Budapest is a chilling view of a possible future as Eastern Europe embraces right-wing nationalism. A conspiracy thriller for fans of Daniel Silva, where religion and politics intersect. If you love a fast-paced thriller, download a sample or buy One Day In Budapest now.

Author Genre: Action-Adventure Thriller

Website: J. F. Penn, Ancient Mystery, Modern Thrill
Author's Blog: The Creative Penn
Twitter: @thecreativepenn
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Author Description:
Joanna Penn is the author of the ARKANE thrillers, Pentecost and Prophecy. Read more at
Joanna is also an entrepreneur and professional speaker. Her site for writers has been voted one of the Top 10 sites for writers 2 years running and offers articles, audio and video on writing, publishing and book marketing. Connect with Joanna on twitter @thecreativepenn


Author: Harry Shannon

Price: $ 0.99

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They have been among us for thousands of years. One mysterious gene they carry lies dormant—until they change.

Joe Case is an ex-cop searching for the man who humiliated his sister. Kelly McCammon is a Hollywood executive running from the Russian mob.

Destiny leads them to tiny Salt Lick, Nevada…A town under siege.

"CLAN is a thriller with a genuine bite. Once Harry Shannon gets his claws in you he will not let go! Highly recommended."
—Jonathan Maberry, New York Times Bestselling author of Patient Zero and Dust & Decay

“A scary-as-hell journey through nightmare country."
—Douglas Clegg, author of Goat Dance and Purity

"(Shannon’s) Impeccable pacing and eye for the terrifying will leave the reader shaken and unsettled."
—Publisher’s Weekly

"What distinguishes CLAN is Shannon's gleefully fast pacing and kitchen-sink approach to terrorizing his hero and heroine. Sharp writing and a furious finale make for a solidly satisfying read."
---Cemetery Dance

"Harry Shannon is a writer who is not afraid to walk into the shadows and drag the things living there kicking and screaming into the light."
—Brian Keene, author of The Rising

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Horror

Website: Harry Shannon
Twitter: @HarryShannon
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Author Description:
Like most authors, I've kicked around a lot. I've been an actor, a singer, an Emmy-nominated songwriter, a recording artist in Europe, a music publisher, a VP of Carolco Pictures and worked as a free-lance Music Supervisor on films such as 'Basic Instinct' and 'Universal Soldier.' I'm currently a counselor in private practice. All of my MICK CALLAHAN mystery novels are available on Kindle, and a few will be coming back into print in 2013. Check out my thriller THE PRESSURE OF DARKNESS. I have published dozens of short stories and written a number of screenplays, including the Lionsgate horror movie and novel DEAD AND GONE. My dark thriller CLAN was recently released on Kindle. My comic thriller, a zombie opus entitled THE HUNGRY (co-written with Steven W. Booth) is out now, and so is the sequel, THE HUNGRY 2: THE WRATH OF GOD. There's also a pulp novella written for an exciting new Kindle/paperback series published by Amazon's own 47North. My entry is entitled THE DEAD MAN: KILL THEM ALL! For the curious, I've twice been nominated for the Stoker Award by the Horror Writer's Association. I've won the Tombstone and the Black Quill once each, and my short story FIFTY MINUTES, co-written with Joe Donnelly, was recently chosen for inclusion in the prestigious anthology Best American Mysteries of 2011. I'm on the list of Major Horror Authors of the Twenty-First Century in Readers' Advisory Guide to Horror, 2nd Edition, from the American Library Association. You can find me on Facebook or Twitter.

In For A Penny

The Cleopatra Jones Mystery Series

Author: Maggie Toussaint

Price: Free

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Amateur sleuth Cleopatra Jones of rural Hogan’s Glen, Maryland faces an unwanted hazard when she skulls her golf ball across the number six green and it lands in the inseam of a very dead banker. Though the victim is a longtime friend of Cleo’s, his ongoing dispute with Cleo’s best friend and golfing partner, Jonette, is public knowledge. When the police key in on Jonette as the prime suspect, Cleo sets out to find the real killer.

Amidst the fun of wacky meals, dueling daughters, Mama’s heart problem, lovesick Saint Bernards, a sexy golf pro, a repentant ex-husband and a host of murder suspects, Cleo does what she does best. With her trusty spreadsheets and logical accountant’s brain, she organizes the information and ferrets out a crazed killer.

Set against the lush splendor of mid-Atlantic springtime, this fun-packed mystery with a dash of romance will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next.

"an amusing addition to the cozy ranks"

"reading a Cleopatra Jones mystery is a nice way to spend the afternoon"
Romantic Times

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

Website: Maggie Toussaint - Romance Danger Mystery
Twitter: @MaggieToussaint
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Author Description:
Award-winning southern author Maggie Toussaint is published in romance and mystery genres. She's a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Romance Writers of America. Visit her at and

Maggie uses real life inspiration to flavor her books. Her rich scenery and colorful characters have received much notice, but at heart, she tells a darn good story.

The Bride Collector

Author: Ted Dekker

Price: $ 1.99

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FBI Special agent Brad Raines is facing his toughest case yet. A Denver serial killer has killed four beautiful young women, leaving a bridal veil at each crime scene, and he's picking up his pace. Unable to crack the case, Raines appeals for help from a most unusual source: residents of the Center for Wellness and Intelligence, a private psychiatric institution for mentally ill individuals whose are extraordinarily gifted.

It's there that he meets Paradise, a young woman who witnessed her father murder her family and barely escaped his hand. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, Paradise may also have an extrasensory gift: the ability to experience the final moments of a person's life when she touches the dead body.

In a desperate attempt to find the killer, Raines enlists Paradise's help. In an effort to win her trust, he befriends this strange young woman and begins to see in her qualities that most 'sane people' sorely lack. Gradually, he starts to question whether sanity resides outside the hospital walls...or inside.

As the Bride Collector picks up the pace-and volume-of his gruesome crucifixions, the case becomes even more personal to Raines when his friend and colleague, a beautiful young forensic psychologist, becomes the Bride Collector's next target.

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Website: Ted Dekker - The Offical Author Site
Twitter: @TedDekker
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Author Description:
"Ted Dekker is a true master of thrillers."
- Nelson DeMille, NY Times bestselling author

"BoneMan's Daughters is a tour-de-force of suspense that demands to be read in one sitting."
-James Rollins, NY Times bestselling author

"Ted Dekker is a master of suspense."
-Library Journal

"Priest's Graveyard is a thrill-a-minute ride, with heart-pounding action and a twist that you'll never see coming."
- Tess Gerritsen, NY Times bestselling author of Ice Cold

"Priest's Graveyard is an amazing novel, utterly compelling, intensely readable, well written, and completely original.
-Douglas Preston, co-creator of the famed Pendergast series

"Here's the best part about The Priest's Graveyard: It's smart enough to realize that, for many, the scariest thing in life isn't a monster or something that bumps in the night. It's love. Love is terrifying. And powerful. And unstoppable. And if you don't already know that, you're about to see why. Priest's Graveyard will haunt you--long after you want it to. -
Brad Meltzer, #1 NY Times best selling author of The Book of Fate and The Inner Circle


A Leopold Blake Mystery / Thriller

Author: Nick Stephenson

Price: $ 2.99

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Playtime's over...

Expert criminology consultant Leopold Blake is having yet another bad week. While tracking a psychopathic serial killer through the streets of London, the reclusive investigator realizes with chilling certainty that history is about to repeat itself - with devastating consequences. Where Scotland Yard and MI5 have failed, Leopold must find a way to hunt down and apprehend a ruthless maniac before he strikes again.

And the clock is ticking.

Now Blake and his team must face their greatest challenge yet: an unseen force, intent on wreaking havoc throughout the city, is hunting on its home turf - and Leopold is about to realize that the good guy doesn't always win.

Departed is another exhilarating installment in the Leopold Blake series of thrillers, which can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Author Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery

Website: Nick Stephenson - The Author of Mysteries an Thrillers
Twitter: @Nick_Stephenson
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Author Description:
Nick Stephenson was born and raised in Cambridgeshire, England. He is a fiction author and novelist, writing in the mysteries and thrillers genre. His approach to writing is to hit hard, hit fast, and leave as few spelling errors as possible. He writes mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels, as well as the occasional witty postcard, all of which are designed to get your pulse pounding. Don't let his headshot fool you - he's actually full colour, on most days.

The author's books are a mixture of mystery, action, and humour. If you're looking for a good place to start, take a look at his Leopold Blake series of thrillers, available now. You can grab copies in either ebook or paperback. To get an email whenever the author releases a new title, simply click the link to the right ->
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