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Mystery Picks of the Day - October 2, 2013

Today the HBS Mystery Reader’s Circle features our Mystery Novels Picks of the Day. These are some of the BEST DEALS from outstanding Mystery Authors for the Kindle at Amazon.

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Author: James Shipman

Price: $ 0.99

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In 1453 Constantinople is the impregnable jewel of the East. It has stood as the greatest Christian city for a millennium as hordes have crashed fruitlessly against its walls.

But Mehmet II, the youthful Sultan of the Ottoman Turks, has besieged the city. His opponent is Constantine XI, the wise and capable ruler of the crumbling Eastern Roman Empire. Mehmet, distrusted by his people and hated by his Grand Vizer, must accomplish what all those before him have failed to do: capture Constantinople. To prove that he deserves the throne that his father once took from him, Mehmet, against all advice, storms the city. If he fails, he will not only have failed himself and his people, but he will surely lose his life.

On the other side of the city walls, the emperor Constantine must find a way to stop the greatest army in the medieval world. To finance his defenses, he becomes a beggar to the Pope, the Italian city-states, and the Hungarians. But the price for aid is high: The Pope demands the Greeks reunite the Eastern and Western churches and accept the Latin faith. If Constantine wants aid for his people he must choose between their lives and their souls. Two leaders, two peoples, two faiths battle for their future before the mighty walls of Constantinople.

Author Genre:

Website: James Shipman - Writer of Fictional History Novels
Author's Blog: James Shipman
Twitter: @jshipman_author
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Author Description:
James D. Shipman is a northwest author and attorney. He has two current titles "Constantinopolis," an historical novel of the fall of Constantinople and "Willie-Washer's Local No. 38," a fantasy comedy.

Mr. Shipman graduated from the University of Washington with a history degree in 1995 and from Gonzaga University in 1998. He practices law in Everett, Washington. He has also published a number of short stories and poems.

James Shipman's third title, "Going Home," a civil war novel based on a true story will be published in the summer of 2014.

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes

Rose Gardner Mystery #1

Author: Denise Grover Swank

Price: FREE

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For Rose Gardner, working at the DMV on a Friday afternoon is bad even before she sees a vision of herself dead. She's had plenty of visions, usually boring ones like someone's toilet's overflowed, but she's never seen one of herself before. When her overbearing momma winds up murdered on her sofa instead, two things are certain: There isn't enough hydrogen peroxide in the state of Arkansas to get that stain out, and Rose is the prime suspect.

Rose realizes she's wasted twenty-four years of living and makes a list on the back of a Wal-Mart receipt: twenty-eight things she wants to accomplish before her vision comes true. She's well on her way with the help of her next door neighbor Joe, who has no trouble teaching Rose the rules of drinking, but won't help with number fifteen-- do more with a man. Joe's new to town, but it doesn't take a vision for Rose to realize he's got plenty secrets of his own.

Somebody thinks Rose has something they want and they'll do anything to get it. Her house is broken into, someone else she knows is murdered, and suddenly, dying a virgin in the Fenton County jail isn't her biggest worry after all.

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Romance, Young Adult

Website: Denise Grover Swank
Author's Blog: Denise Grover Swank
Twitter: @DeniseMSwank
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Author Description:
Denise Grover Swank is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author. She writes urban fantasies without vampires and werewolves, romantic comedy mysteries set in the south, and sexy new adult contemporary romances. Denise has six children, three dogs, and an overactive imagination. She can be found dancing in her kitchen with her children, reading or writing her next book. You will rarely find her cleaning.

Designer Dirty Laundry

Author: Diane Vallere

Price: FREE

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In the seamy world of designer clothing, you're bound to find dirty laundry...

Samantha Kidd, ex-buyer turned Trend Specialist, designed her future with couture precision, but finding the Fashion Director's corpse on day one leaves her hanging by a thread. When the killer fabricates evidence that puts the cops on her hemline, her new life begins to unravel--with humorous results. She trades high fashion for dirty laundry and reveals a cast of designers out for blood. Now this flatfoot in heels must keep pace with a diabolical designer before she gets marked down for murder.

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

Website: Diane Vallere
Twitter: @dianevallere
E-Mail: diane[at]
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Author Description:
I am a textbook Capricorn, I write mysteries, and I love fashion, which means I can turn you into a character and make it look like you don't know how to accessorize. So be nice to me...or else!

I write two series, the Style & Error Mystery series, featuring chic shamus Samantha Kidd. Books in that series include DESIGNER DIRTY LAUNDRY and BUYER, BEWARE. Watch for THE BRIM REAPER in December 2013. I also write the Mad for Mod series featuring Doris Day-loving amateur sleuth Madison Night in books PILLOW STALK and THAT TOUCH OF INK. A prequel novella can be found in OTHER PEOPLE'S BAGGAGE.

My new news: I'm writing a fabric store-themed cozy series for Berkley Prime Crime. You'll have to wait a bit to see them on a real or virtual bookshelf. I don't have publication dates yet but will post the news here when I get them!

Find out more about me at, follow me on twitter @dianevallere, or say hi on facebook. Telepathy works, too. Sometimes.

Murder At The Rocks

A Fitzjohn Mystery

Author: Jill Paterson

Price: $ 3.99

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When Laurence Harford, a prominent businessman and philanthropist is found murdered in the historic Rocks area of Sydney, Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn is asked to solve the crime quickly and discreetly. After barely starting his investigation, uncovering a discarded mistress and disgruntled employees, a second killing occurs.

Meanwhile, Laurence's nephew, Nicholas Harford, has his certainties in life shaken when he becomes a suspect in his uncle's death, and receives a mysterious gold locket that starts a chain of events unravelling his family's dark truths.

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Suspense, Mystery

Website: Jill Paterson - The Perfect Plot
Twitter: @JillPaterson2
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Author Description:
Jill Paterson was born in Yorkshire, UK, and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia before spending 11 years in Ontario, Canada. After returning to Australia, she settled in Canberra.

After doing an arts degree at the Australian National University, she worked at the Australian National University's School of Law before spending the next 10 years with the Business Council of Australia and the University of NSW, ADFA Campus, in the School of Electrical Engineering.

Jill is the author of three published books, The Celtic Dagger, Murder At The Rocks and Once Upon A Lie. All are part of the Fitzjohn Mystery Series.

Louisiana Longshot

A Miss Fortune Mystery

Author: Jana DeLeon

Price: $ 0.99

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From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jana DeLeon, the first book in the Miss Fortune mystery series.

It was a hell of a longshot…

CIA assassin Fortune Redding is about to undertake her most difficult mission ever – in Sinful, Louisiana.

With a leak at the CIA and a price on her head by one of the world’s largest arms dealers, Fortune has to go off grid, but she never expected to be this far out of her element. Posing as a former beauty queen turned librarian in a small, bayou town seems worse than death to Fortune, but she’s determined to fly below the radar until her boss finds the leak and puts the arms dealer out of play.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t even unpacked a suitcase before her newly-inherited dog digs up a human bone in her backyard. Thrust into the middle of a bayou murder mystery, Fortune teams up with a couple of seemingly-sweet old ladies whose looks completely belie their hold on the town. To top things off, the handsome local deputy is asking her too many questions. If she’s not careful, this investigation may blow her cover and get her killed.

Armed with her considerable skills and a group of old ladies referred to by locals as The Geritol Mafia, Fortune has no choice but to solve the murder…before it’s too late.

Author Genre: Mystery, Women Sleuths

Website: Jana DeLeon
Twitter: @JanaDeLeon
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Author Description:
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon was raised in southwest Louisiana among the bayous and gators. Her hometown is Carlyss, but you probably won't find it on a map. Her family owned a camp located on a bayou just off the Gulf of Mexico that you could only get there by boat. The most important feature was the rope hammock hanging in the shade on a huge deck that stretched out over the water where Jana spent many hours reading books.

Jana and her brother spent thousands of hours combing the bayous in a flat-bottom aluminum boat, studying the natural habitat of many birds, nutria and alligators. She would like you to know that no animals were injured during these "studies," but they kept makers of peroxide in business.

Jana has never stumbled across a mystery or a ghost like her heroines, but she's still hopeful.

She now resides in Dallas, Texas, with the most spoiled Sheltie in the world.
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