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Mystery Picks of the Day – November 5, 2014

Today the HBS Mystery Reader’s Circle features our Mystery Novels Picks of the Day. These are some of the BEST DEALS from outstanding Mystery Authors for the Kindle at Amazon.

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Night Stalker

Author: Carol Davis Luce

Price: $ 0.99

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Things were looking up for Alexandra Carlson. She had finally gotten her life back together again. She'd moved into a wonderful secluded house on a mountainside in Reno, her paintings were beginning to sell, and there was even a hint of romance on the horizon. Then things began to happen. Little things. Anonymous phone calls full of heavy breathing. A broken tree branch outside her bedroom window. Her cat, Winnie--gone without a trace. A moving shadow above the skylight. Surely it was all her imagination...

Then one day she picked up the phone and there was someboby--somebody who knew her childhood nickname. In the background she could hear a scratchy record--an old song that brought dark memories out of the shadows.

That night something woke Alexandra out of a sound sleep. This time, the heavy breathing wasn't coming from the telephone. Someone was in house with her. And she was at his mercy.

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Romance, Literature & Fiction

Website: CAROL DAVIS LUCE–NightWriter
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Twitter: @CarolDavisLuce
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Author Description:
New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the "Night" books, NightWriter Carol Davis Luce writes standalone suspense novels with elements of romance. After publishing five books through a traditional publisher, she turned independent author with her 2012 suspense novel, Night Widow, and Women's Fiction, Awakening: Secrets of a Brown Eyed Girl (a recipient of B.R.A.G).

Carol is one of THE TWELVE. 12 of today's hottest mystery and thriller writers, including USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors, have 12 complete works in the USA Today bestselling boxed set: DEADLY DOZEN.

Her first novel, Night Stalker, was also her first sale. "A dandy read," wrote bestselling author Tony Hillerman. It went into three printings and became the flagship for the sub-genre "Woman in Jeopardy" at Kensington Publishers.

Darkness Once More

Archie Lemons Book 1

Author: Grant Fieldgrove

Price: $ 0.99

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Recently widowed private eye, Full House superfan and go-to guy for all random pop culture questions long past their sell-by date, Archie Lemons starts his first case since his finding his wife murdered in their home. Will this case help snap him from his reverie or will it prove to be his final undoing?

Author Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense,Humor & Satire

Author's Blog: Grant Fieldgrove
Twitter: @GrantFieldgrove
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Author Description:
Grant Fieldgrove was born in Bakersfield, CA at the tail end of the rockin' 1970's! After successfully avoiding work and responsibility for over twenty years, he finally landed a job soul-crushing enough to, after several years of procrastination, finally make him settle down and follow his dream of being an awesome writer of only life-changing, high brow literature...when that didn't work, he took to comedy.

He still lives in Bakersfield with his wife Julie and his amazingly rad, autistic son McClane.

Live from the Road

Author: P.C. Zick

Price: $ 0.99

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Enlightenment on Route 66 - Humorous, Painful, Rewarding

Live from the Road takes the reader on an often humorous, yet harrowing, journey as Meg Newton and Sally Sutton seek a change in the mundane routine of their lives. Joined by their daughters, they set off on a journey of salvation enhanced by the glories of the Mother Road.

Along the way, they are joined by a Chicago bluesman, a Pakistani liquor storeowner from Illinois, a Marine from Missouri, a gun-toting momma from Oklahoma, and a motel clerk from New Mexico.

Death, divorce, and deception help to reveal the inner journey taking place under the blazing desert sun as a Route 66 motel owner reads the Bhagavad-Gita and an eagle provides the sign they've all been seeking.

Enlightenment comes tiptoeing in at dawn in a Tucumcari laundromat, while singing karaoke at a bar in Gallup, New Mexico, and during dinner at the Roadkill Cafe in Seligman, Arizona.

The trip isn't always easy as laughter turns to tears and back again. However, the four women's lives will never be the same after the road leads them to their hearts - the true destination for these road warriors.

Author Genre: Literature & Fiction

Website: P. C. Zick
Author's Blog: Living Lightly
Twitter: @PCZick
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Author Description:
P.C. Zick began her writing career in 1998 as a journalist. She's won various awards for her essays, columns, editorials, articles, and fiction. She describes herself as a "storyteller" no matter the genre.

She's published four works of fiction and one nonfiction book. Prior to 2010, she wrote under the name Patricia C. Behnke.

She was born in Michigan and moved to Florida in 1980. She now resides in Pennsylvania with her husband Robert.

Her fiction contains the elements most dear to her heart, ranging from love to the environment. She believes in living lightly upon this earth with love, laughter, and passion.

"This is one of the most exciting times to be an author," Ms. Zick says. "I'm honored to be a part of the revolution in writing and publishing."

When I'm not writing or reading, I enjoy being outdoors, although adjusting to winter again after a thirty-year hiatus has been a challenge. But when the weather warms, we both enjoy gardening. I plant the flowers, while my husband tends the produce. During the summer and fall, we're preserving as much of the fresh produce as we can for our winter consumption. When the garden is weeded and the vegetables are picked, we either head to the golf course or to our boat docked on the Beaver River and less than a mile from the mighty Ohio, or we put our kayaks into Raccoon Creek a few miles from our home. During the winter, I spend my spare time organizing the house and planning trips to Florida where my daughter, Anna, lives.

The Unbelievers

The Awakening Series Book 2

Author: Lisa M Lilly

Price: $ 0.99

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Tara Spencer is the new mother of a baby girl—one who, by all accounts, should not exist.

And though her worries go far beyond diapers and feeding times, she finds herself settling comfortably into the community of Willow Springs, away from the prying eyes of The Brotherhood religious order and former-flame-turned-betrayer Cyril Woods.

But when her daughter goes missing and her best friend is violently attacked, Tara’s newfound sense of security comes to a screeching halt. She realizes that nowhere will be safe until she solves the mystery of her virgin pregnancy once and for all.

While DNA testing seems to lead to more questions than answers, Tara struggles to separate friend from foe—until a series of shocking discoveries finally sheds light on the greater meaning behind her unusual situation.

In the stunning second installment of The Awakening series, societal roles are tested and religious norms questioned—in a thrilling paranormal page-turner combining elements of Rosemary’s Baby and The Da Vinci Code.

Author Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Website: Lisa M Lilly
Author's Blog: lisamlillypad
Twitter: @lisamlilly
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Author Description:
Lisa M. Lilly is the author of the short-story collection The Tower Formerly Known as Sears and Two Other Tales of Urban Horror--the title story of which was recently made into the short film Willis Tower.

Her work has appeared in various publications, including Parade of Phantoms, Strong Coffee, Hair Trigger, and ChickFlicks.

Lilly's debut novel, The Awakening, was the first of a four-book paranormal/occult thriller series. The first two installments are now available.

She currently resides in Chicago and serves as the vice president of the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists. She became involved with the organization after an intoxicated driver caused her parents' deaths in 2007.

Cape Refuge

Cape Refuge Series Book 1

Author: Terri Blackstock

Price: $ 0.99

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Mystery and suspense combine in this first book in an exciting new 4-book series by best-selling author Terri Blackstock. Thelma and Wayne Owens run a bed and breakfast in Cape Refuge, Georgia. They minister to the seamen on the nearby docks and prisoners just out of nearby jails, holding services in an old warehouse and taking many of the "down-and-outers" into their home. They have two daughters: the dutiful Morgan who is married to Jonathan, a fisherman, and helps them out at the B & B, and Blair, the still-single town librarian, who would be beautiful if it weren’t for the serious scar on the side of her face.

After a heated, public argument with his in-laws, Jonathan discovers Thelma and Wayne murdered in the warehouse where they held their church services. Considered the prime suspect, Jonathan is arrested. Grief-stricken, Morgan and Blair launch their own investigation to help Matthew Cade, the town’s young police chief, find the real killer. Shady characters and a raft of suspects keep the plot twisting and the suspense building as we learn not only who murdered Thelma and Wayne, but also the secrets about their family’s past and the true reason for Blair’s disfigurement.

Author Genre: Cozy Religion & Spirituality, Suspense, Romance

Website: Terri Blackstock
Twitter: @TerriBlackstock
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Author Description:
Terri Blackstock is a New York Times best-seller, with over six million copies sold worldwide. She is the winner of two Carol Awards, a Christian Retailers Choice Award, and a Romantic Times Book Reviews Career Achievement Award, among others. She has had over twenty-five years of success as a novelist.

Terri spent the first twelve years of her life traveling in a U.S. Air Force family. She lived in nine states and attended the first four years of school in The Netherlands. Because she was a perpetual “new kid,” her imagination became her closest friend. That, she believes, was the biggest factor in her becoming a novelist. She sold her first novel at the age of twenty-five, and has had a successful career ever since.
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